lyrico-coloratura soprano



For the organization of concerts, performances, corporate parties and the media and press interviews please contact

For Russia and CIS
phone: +7 916 653 00 25 Marina
email: vivat_co@mail.ru

for Germany, Austria, Schweiz
phone: +49 1575 7911930 Anatoli
email: NKolesnikova08@mail.ru

for Italy and other countries
phone: +39 366 703 98 32 Nadia (it is better to communicate through the WhatsApp). 
email: NKolesnikova08@mail.ru

for Spain
phone: +34 675 62 65 79 Natalia
email: nataliak.26@gmail.com

Do not hesitate to call me, and when I am in concert or in transit, 
e-mail is another good way to get in touch with me.